Image by Augustine Wong

Get to Know Crystal

Serial entrepreneur, family woman, and industry expert with so much to offer!

My ventures started with the launch of  Crystal's Spot Cafe and Lounge, a dessert and cocktail space, featuring live music in downtown and historic Mass Street in Lawrence, Kansas. This is where the launch of Crystal's Famous Cobblers began; after serving thousands of my famous desserts I realized there was something special about offering southern-style homemade comfort. 

After successfully launching the cafe while running a successful real estate team for a few years, I felt confident in moving forward with my own boutique brokerage firm. I opened the doors to Crystal Clear Realty in December 2018 and expanded my career to the California Real Estate market in September 2019.

With both Crystal Clear Realty and Crystal’s Famous Cobblers successfully growing, I’ve also founded The Spot Magazine and Podcast, a space to celebrate women entrepreneurs and highlight their achievements. 

My passion for amplifying women in business originates from being a woman in business myself. Before pursuing my various business endeavors, I served on business organizations ranging from the President of the Lawrence American Business Women Association to Chairing the Annual Go Red Campaign for Women. I have met so many fabulous women and wanted to create a platform where these women could share their stories to inspire others looking for direction.

I had my daughter at 22 and dropped out of college, got married, and stayed home to run a home daycare for eight years. When I had my youngest daughter, my neighbor approached me about getting into real estate. At that time I had an 8-year-old, 2-year-old, and a 4-month-old baby. Running a business was the last thing on my mind, but my neighbor believed in me so much he paid for my first set of home real estate courses. Now, 14 years later I have not only one, but four amazing businesses. I hope that stories like my own can inspire other women entrepreneurs at the start of journey through The Spot Magazine and Podcast! 

But businesses aside, family is everything to me! I'm a mother of three daughters: Brittany, Adrianna, and Halle. My God-given purpose is to inspire, motivate, and empower people, from my daughters to my clients, and everyone in between.